- Lions of Lyon - George Logan

Lions of Lyon

The Lions of Lyon. These four cubs have had a rotten start to life. All are victims of the illegal wildlife pet trade. They were confiscated after being found in awful conditions.

 - Adidas - George Logan


Freezing the action for the launch of the new Adidas Initiator range. We loved this shoot for Iris. Art Directed by David Missen and choreographed by Darren ‘Tyson’ White.

 - HSBC Thriving Hexagons - George Logan

HSBC Thriving Hexagons

Very happy with our new “Thriving Hexagons’ campaign for HSBC. We loved working alongside Ryan, Emma and Julia at Grey. This is their first work for HSBC and it’s looking great!

 - Remembering Great Apes - George Logan

Remembering Great Apes

It’s the launch of the Remembering Great Apes book this week featuring my image of Chela the Silverback. You can buy the book here at rememberingwildlife.com The exhibition is now on at La Galleria Pall Mall, and you can join us for the talk and book signing at The Royal Geographical Society on Thurs 18th...

 - Bone Idol - George Logan

Bone Idol

Shooting luxury apparel for style conscious dogs! boneidol.com

 - 55 Elephants Killed Every Day - George Logan

55 Elephants Killed Every Day

New campaign for the Born Free Foundation highlighting the sheer scale of the elephant poaching crisis. The posters went up all over the UK.

 - Sunday Mail - George Logan

Sunday Mail

A great article in the Sunday Mail. Well crafted and beautifully written about my Photography and the work we do with The Born Free Foundation.

 - Wildlife Heroes - George Logan

Wildlife Heroes

The Born Free Foundation has launched Wildlife Heroes. A year-long celebration of inspirational men and women from all walks of life who have dedicated their lives to the protection and conservation of wildlife.