- New IKEA billboards - George Logan

New IKEA billboards

Super happy to see our new IKEA campaign up on billboards and poster sites all over town.

 - New campaign for IKEA! - George Logan

New campaign for IKEA!

These were an absolute joy to work on. It was a fun challenge to bring these fabulous concepts to life for the brilliant creatives and production team at Mother London.

 - Born Free 2022 calendars - George Logan

Born Free 2022 calendars

The 2022 Born Free Lion and Elephant calendars. All photography by me! Proceeds go towards our Last Lions of Meru fund, protecting the remaining lion population in Meru, Kenya. Available now on the Born Free Foundation website.

 - Scarface in today’s Guardian - George Logan

Scarface in today’s Guardian

Great to see our feature on Scarface in today’s Guardian. Thank you to journalist Lisa O’carrol for helping spread the word about the life of this remarkable lion.

 - BBC News - George Logan

BBC News

We are currently the most popular feature on the BBC News site!

 - i News - George Logan

i News

Thank you Sophie Lam for a really great Interview and feature.

 - New Scientist - George Logan

New Scientist

Wonderful feature in the latest issue of New Scientist. Thank you Gege Li.

 - Creative Moment - George Logan

Creative Moment

Great to see our conceptual work and the contributing creative agencies highlighted here.

Thank you Joanna Lumley!

“I love it with all my heart and I’m terribly proud to have my own copy” – Joanna Lumley OBE

 - The Sunday Post - George Logan

The Sunday Post

Thank you Ross Crae for the interview and for this fabulous spread in the Sunday Post.

 - Love Sunday - George Logan

Love Sunday

Lion Pride Before the Fall words and feature. Thank you Kirsten Jones.

 - AP Magazine - George Logan

AP Magazine

A fantastic article by Amy Davies covering our book and work with The Born Free Foundation.

 - Digital Photographer - George Logan

Digital Photographer

I’ve written the pro column in the latest issue attempting to describe my obsession with lions.

Thank you James Cosmo!

“Let’s make sure these magnificent animals never disappear from our world” – James Cosmo

 - Help Them Help Us - George Logan

Help Them Help Us

Here’s our contribution to the @helpthemhelpus initiative to show support for the NHS heroes on the frontline, and raise funds for HEROES. Shot for Iris and Ross Taylor. Thank you to Dawn Moretti and Lu Howlett for getting me involved.

Lion ink

New project photographing the varied and interesting people who have chosen to adorn their bodies with lion tattoos.

 - Bank of Scotland - George Logan

Bank of Scotland

New Bank of Scotland work with the legend James Cosmo for adam&eveDDB.

 - Born Free calendar 2020 - George Logan

Born Free calendar 2020

The 2020 Born Free calendar focusses on new life in the animal kingdom. All photography by me! All proceeds go to the hardest working, most effective wildlife charity, bar none. Available now on the Born Free site at www.

 - Lions of Lyon - George Logan

Lions of Lyon

The Lions of Lyon. These four cubs have had a rotten start to life. All are victims of the illegal wildlife pet trade. They were confiscated after being found in awful conditions.

 - Adidas - George Logan


Freezing the action for the launch of the Adidas Initiator range. We loved this shoot for Iris. Art Directed by David Missen and choreographed by Darren ‘Tyson’ White.

 - HSBC Thriving Hexagons - George Logan

HSBC Thriving Hexagons

Very happy with our “Thriving Hexagons’ campaign for HSBC. We loved working alongside Ryan, Emma and Julia at Grey.

 - Remembering Great Apes - George Logan

Remembering Great Apes

It’s the launch of the Remembering Great Apes book this week featuring my image of Chela the Silverback. You can buy the book here at rememberingwildlife.com The exhibition is now on at La Galleria Pall Mall, and you can join us for the talk and book signing at The Royal Geographical Society on Thurs 18th...

 - Bone Idol - George Logan

Bone Idol

Shooting luxury apparel for style conscious dogs! boneidol.com

 - 55 Elephants Killed Every Day - George Logan

55 Elephants Killed Every Day

New campaign for the Born Free Foundation highlighting the sheer scale of the elephant poaching crisis. The posters went up all over the UK.

 - Sunday Mail - George Logan

Sunday Mail

A great article in the Sunday Mail. Well crafted and beautifully written about my Photography and the work we do with The Born Free Foundation.

 - Wildlife Heroes - George Logan

Wildlife Heroes

The Born Free Foundation has launched Wildlife Heroes. A year-long celebration of inspirational men and women from all walks of life who have dedicated their lives to the protection and conservation of wildlife.

 - Shell - George Logan


New work for Shell in beautiful Cape town with Iris London.

 - RIP Sudan, you magnificent creature - George Logan

RIP Sudan, you magnificent creature

We have finally lost Sudan, our last male Northern White Rhinocerous and ultimately, the loss of the species. Awful, preventable and unforgivable. We are producing a limited edition print run of this image to support ‘Remembering Rhinos’. Please contact me if interested.

Art Direction: Stephen Broadhurst, Rob Sampson - Iceland Stills - George Logan

Iceland Stills

New stills to sit alongside moving image from an incredible shoot in Iceland with Grey Healthcare

HyperFocal: 0 - New work for Children’s Air Ambulance - George Logan

New work for Children’s Air Ambulance

We loved working on this powerful and poignant campaign for Children’s Air, Ambulance with the brilliant team of Kev Patel, Dave Eyre and Clair Dawkes, at McCann Birmingham.

 - Shamwari Big Cats - George Logan

Shamwari Big Cats

Photographing the magnificently handsome Ciam, at the Born Free Sanctuary in Shamwari, South Africa.

 - Other Worlds - George Logan

Other Worlds

A new series of conceptual landscapes in collaboration with One White Chair

 - New E.ON campaign - George Logan

New E.ON campaign

Our new wonderfully surreal campaign for E.ON, brilliantly art directed by Carole Eppleston, Helen Sharp and Aaron Goldring @ Engine.

 - Born free Calendar 2018 - George Logan

Born free Calendar 2018

We teamed up with Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne from WCRS to create the 2018 Born Free calendar…and bloody brilliant it is too!

 - New cubs for The Marsh Pride - George Logan

New cubs for The Marsh Pride

Hoping these cubs make it. Their mother is carrying a serious looking hunting injury, so they are likely to have a tough start to life in the Maasai mara.

 - Shooting in Cape Town - George Logan

Shooting in Cape Town

A brilliant week shooting stills and film in sunny Cape Town, with CDM London and immaculately produced by the unflappable Steel Productions.

 - ‘Remembering Rhinos’ Book Launch - George Logan

‘Remembering Rhinos’ Book Launch

The Remembering Rhinos exhibition was followed by a massively successful book launch with inspirational and passionate speakers. Just happy to be part of such a pro-active movement. Thank you.

 - ‘Remembering Rhinos’ - George Logan

‘Remembering Rhinos’

Great to be involved in Remembering rhinos celebrating the Rhinocerous, and supporting the anti poaching campaign www.rememberingwildlife.com

 - Workspace - George Logan


New Workspace ads, shot in and around London, with the lovely Simon Haselhurst at Amp London.

 - Born To Be Free. Not To Perform - George Logan

Born To Be Free. Not To Perform

The new campaign for the Born Free Foundation aims to highlight the problems of keeping Orcas in captivity, and forcing them to perform. Launching on World Whale day this poster campaign aims to appeal to people worldwide, bringing the facts to their attention and encouraging them to challenge their opinions of keeping whales, dolphins, and...

 - TUI Cruises - George Logan

TUI Cruises

Our fab new TUI campaign, shot during our long cruise through the Carribean. Art Directed by Elliot Tiney @ Y&R London.

 - TUI ‘Moments’ campaign - George Logan

TUI ‘Moments’ campaign

The new TUI Moments campaign, from our fun week in the Majorcan sunshine. Art Direction by Tim Brookes @ Y&R London. Brilliantly produced by Alana.

 - Born Free Calendar 2017 - George Logan

Born Free Calendar 2017

We have once again teamed up with The Born Free Foundation to create an exclusive 2017 wildlife calendar, featuring stunning images of iconic African species.

 - AOP Awards - George Logan

AOP Awards

Very pleased to have five images selected for this years AOP Awards!

 - IPA: Climate Change Award - George Logan

IPA: Climate Change Award

‘Coffin’ for The Born Free Foundation, has received an honorable mention in the Climate Change category in the IPA Awards.

 - Remembering Elephants Book Launch - George Logan

Remembering Elephants Book Launch

The Remembering Elephants book launch is tomorrow Thursday 22nd September at the Royal Geographic Society. All the proceeds go to much needed anti poaching programmes in Africa. This is an amazing cause and I’m massively honoured to have been invited to contribute. Visit www.

 - PDN Photo Annual - George Logan

PDN Photo Annual

The latest issue of the PDN Photo Annual 2016 magazine featuring our winning Monkeys campaign for IKEA

 - Born To Be Free wins at IPA - George Logan

Born To Be Free wins at IPA

The latest Born Free campaign ‘Born To Be Free’ has won second place in the Conceptual Advertising category of the IPA International Photography Awards

 - Metro features ‘Born To Be Free’ - George Logan

Metro features ‘Born To Be Free’

The Metro featured an article with photographs by myself, raising awareness about the work of The Born Free Foundation and the illegal animal trade. You can see it here… www.metro.co.

 - We did it! Our ‘Born To Be Free’ campaign is directly credited with influencing a new EU action plan to combat wildlife trafficking - George Logan

We did it! Our ‘Born To Be Free’ campaign is directly credited with influencing a new EU action plan to combat wildlife trafficking

NEWS RELEASE EU Action Plan announced to step up fight against wildlife trafficking The Commission has announced it is preparing an EU Action Plan to step up the fight against wildlife trafficking, following a successful campaign by the Born Free Foundation and Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder. The comprehensive plan will bring together environmental experts,...

 - Business Is Great - George Logan

Business Is Great

Shooting for the new Business Is Great campaign on the moors in County Durham

 - Virginia at Vauxhall - George Logan

Virginia at Vauxhall

Here is Virginia Mckenna OBE, Actress and co-founder of the Born Free Foundation, photographed in front of one of our latest digital posters for The BFF. Her words… “We can go to the moon. We may go to Mars. But- we cannot recreate elephants, lions, rhinos and all the other critically endangered wild animals when...

 - Baboons! - George Logan


Photographed at the BFF primate release project, Lilongwe, Malawi.

 - 2016 Born Free Calendar - George Logan

2016 Born Free Calendar

The 2016 Born Free calendar shot by George Logan! All proceeds go to the hardest working, most effective wildlife charity out there.

 - New campaign for animal charity Born Free - George Logan

New campaign for animal charity Born Free

WCRS have created two new campaigns for the animal protection charity Born Free. The first highlights the ongoing disappearance of many species of endangered African wildlife and highlights the need to act before it’s too late. The ads were conceived by Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne and created by long time Born Free collaborator George Logan, ably assisted...

 - Rugby Lion - George Logan

Rugby Lion

We loved working on this rugby lion for Brothers & Sisters

 - Vodafone - George Logan


Behind the scenes shooting Vodafone in Andalucia with Grey London

 - Coppafeel - George Logan


I was very happy to be shooting for ‘Coppafeel’ and AIS. Read about their great work and the inspirational Kris here… http://www.coppafeel.org/

 - Cow & Gate - George Logan

Cow & Gate

Shooting Cow & Gate with BETC in Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic

 - Channel 4 - George Logan

Channel 4

The wellies are on to shoot pigs for Channel 4

 - O2 in Almeria - George Logan

O2 in Almeria

Behind the scenes shooting O2 in Almeria, Spain for VCCP

Born Free Foundation lion rescue, 2011 - Lion Rescue - George Logan

Lion Rescue

It was a privilege to join Born Free on their Lion Rescue in Harar, Ethiopia

 - Gold - George Logan


Gold retrospective exhibition at the AOP gallery

 - Sky Go wrapped around the IMAX - George Logan

Sky Go wrapped around the IMAX

Just completed an epic shoot for SKY, through Brothers & Sisters, London. Very satisfying to see the pics up mega size…and they don’t come much bigger than the IMAX on the South Bank

 - Homeless Animals wins Gold at Association of Photographers Awards - George Logan

Homeless Animals wins Gold at Association of Photographers Awards

The campaign, commissioned by WCRS London on behalf of The Born Free Foundation, was awarded best in category in the Commissioned Advertising category, as well as being awarded the coveted Gold Award. Art directed by Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the increasing problem of habitat loss for endangered...

 - ‘Translocation’ Book Launch - George Logan

‘Translocation’ Book Launch

Thurs July 22nd saw the launch of Translocation at The Elmwood Gallery in London’s Soho. The book is in collaboration with The Born Free Foundation and Hewlett Packard Indigo, with all proceeds going towards the construction of a major Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre in Ethiopia. We’ve had a fantastic response to the book...

 - Red Road and Homeless Animals campaigns are nominated finalists at Campaign Photo Awards - George Logan

Red Road and Homeless Animals campaigns are nominated finalists at Campaign Photo Awards

Campaign Photo celebrates the use of professional photography in creative advertising, world wide. Short-listed finalists will be recognised and feted at a gallery exhibition and awards presentation, and in the pages of Campaignand its sister titles. Awards may be made to professional photographers, agency heads of art and creative directors, and picture libraries, as appropriate....

 - Born Free Homeless Animal campaign up and running - George Logan

Born Free Homeless Animal campaign up and running

A new advertising campaign for Born Free Foundation highlighting homeless wild animal outcasts ‘inhabiting’ the streets of a littered and graffiti-strewn city has been launched.Using animal images from top international photographer George Logan, Steve Hawthorne and Katy Hopkins at WCRS have created a series of thought-provoking scenes to illustrate the plight of hundreds of thousands...

 - Red Road exhibition at Village Underground - George Logan

Red Road exhibition at Village Underground

We had a really brilliant Gallery opening for The Red Road Project at Village Underground. I was slightly concerned about filling the venue, as it’s massive, but we had 500+ guests through the door who helped make it a great evening. The event was supported by Corbis so I have to thank Martin Yates and...

 - Born free at the Albert Hall - George Logan

Born free at the Albert Hall

The Born Free Foundation (the best animal charity on the planet!) had a concert at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate their 25th anniversary. I’d been invited to photograph the show so they can produce and publish a book of the event. Whilst shooting celebrities isn’t really my thing, I had an absolute hoot meeting and...

 - Homeless Animals Campaign - George Logan

Homeless Animals Campaign

We created this “homeless animals’ campaign for The Born Free Foundation to highlight the problem of habitat loss. The ads were art directed by Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne at WCRS…. “Most people know that deforestation and the loss of natural habitats is a problem. They know that many animals are displaced an killed by...

 - Dark Exhibition at the AOP Gallery - George Logan

Dark Exhibition at the AOP Gallery

The Dark Exhibition was showcased at The Association of Photographers Gallery in London for a week in September. It was curated by my Agent, Alyson Jones, and also featured excellent portrait photographer, Phil Fisk. We had our private view on Thurs 17th and a jolly social occasion it was too. Idiotically, I forgot to arrange...

 - F2 Magazine Feature - George Logan

F2 Magazine Feature

The July issue of F2 magazine featured me blethering about photography amongst other things.

 - Photographing Primates in Cameroon - George Logan

Photographing Primates in Cameroon

I was privileged to be allowed access to The Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon, West Africa to photograph many of the rescued primates there. I was able to get extremely close (literally within 2-3 ft) and sit with them for hours. By the end of my stay there I felt like I had got to...

 - Translocation Exhibition in Shanghai - George Logan

Translocation Exhibition in Shanghai

I was invited to exhibit my Translocation series at The Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition so I flew over for the opening. The whole week was quite a surreal experience. The organisers had decided it would a great idea to base the exhibition in ‘Thames Town’, an area of Shanghai that is (theoretically) an exact...

 - IPA Lucie Awards in New York - George Logan

IPA Lucie Awards in New York

The IPA Lucie Awards in New York were an eye opener, they really know how to put on a show, red carpet, champagne, paparazzi, the lot. I’d entered a number of images and was really chuffed to be named Professional Advertising Photographer of the Year. This put me in the running to be International Photographer...